Intelligence: Russia keeps ground, air and sea-based nuclear weapons carriers in Crimea

Intelligence: Russia holds land, air and sea-based nuclear weapons carriers in Crimea< /p>

In the temporarily occupied Crimea there are Russian carriers of ground, air and sea-based nuclear weapons. Andriy Chernyak, a spokesman for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said this in a commentary to Ukrinform.

He noted that the military intelligence of Ukraine monitors the movement of Russian nuclear weapons, in particular, tactical ones, and knows where they are located.

“Military intelligence sees that carriers of ground, air and sea-based nuclear weapons are currently deployed on the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea. We are talking about ships, submarines, aircraft and ground systems that can strike with nuclear weapons. Potentially, Russia has such an opportunity,” Chernyak said.

The military intelligence representative added that the occupiers carried out certain work at the «Feodosia-13» in with. Krasnokamenka to prepare it for the storage of nuclear weapons. However, it is not yet known whether this work has been completed.

Speaking of the risks of a Russian nuclear strike, a military intelligence official noted that “the occupying country is capable of anything.”

“ However, we hope that the international community will be able to influence the leadership of the occupying country so as not to lead the world to a nuclear catastrophe. Ukraine also takes into account different scenarios”, — Chernyak emphasized.

  • Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto believes that if Russia is threatened with defeat in the war, it will decide to launch a nuclear strike.

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