Interception: The occupant told how he fled through Donetsk to the Russian Federation | VIDEO

Interception: Occupant told how he escaped through Donetsk to Russia | VIDEO

A Russian soldier said that he was leaving with the remnants of the personnel in the Russian Federation through Donetsk. This is stated in an intercepted telephone conversation, published by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense in Telegram.

The occupier tells a comrade that out of 19 military men, only three of them are left. They sit in the basement without food.

“We are in Donetsk. We are 19 people. Our platoon, in short, fucked up. There are only three of us left. We live in a basement. Here pi***, they don’t feed us here,” the occupant complains.

According to him, the commanders abandoned them a long time ago. Therefore, the military must choose itself.

“There is no command. We hit the artillery. If, God forbid, a load of 200 comes on me, know that I am alive,” the invader says to his comrade.

After the invaders were surrounded by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they decided to flee to Russia .

“We will go to Russia. Understood? We were in the ring,” the invader added.

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