Interception: The occupier from the Liman “cauldron” said goodbye to his wife | VIDEO

Interception: Occupant from the Liman 'cauldron' said goodbye to his wife | VIDEO

The Main Intelligence Directorate published a conversation between the occupier and his wife, in which he complains that, together with other Russian military men, he got into the «cauldron» and calls to say goodbye. The audio recording is published by the press service of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense.

The military of the Russian Federation, being in a difficult morale, called home from Ukraine to say goodbye to his wife.

He does not even pay attention to the ban on using mobile phones , says he wants to talk to his wife before he dies and is ready for the Armed Forces to hit her with a rocket at least now.

«We are in the ring, Lyuba. We pi * yes soon. I just called to say goodbye», — says the occupier.

According to him, few people remained from his group and they barely came somewhere. At the same time, he urged his wife not to tell anyone about the current situation.

  • There were about 5,000 occupiers in the Limansky Cauldron.

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