Invaders increase pressure on Bakhmut and Ugledar directions

Invaders increase pressure on Bakhmut and Ugledar directions

Enemy increases pressure on the Bakhmut and Ugledar directions. There are heavy battles. This was reported by Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar in her Telegram channel.

«The enemy throws a significant amount of personnel, weapons and military equipment into battle, trying to break through our defenses, suffers significant losses , but does not abandon his plans», — she said, adding that the intensity of the fighting is growing.

According to Malyar, now in the Donbass, against the enemy’s advantage in the number of fighters and weapons, our advantage is in the professionalism of the military command and the courage of the soldiers.

  • According to CNN, the allies urged Ukraine to shift its attention from the fight for the city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region to a potential offensive in the south

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