Iranian nuclear: towards a multi-step deal?

Nuclear Iranian: towards a multi-stage agreement? /></p>
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Even if the content of the “final” proposal of Europeans to resuscitate the Iranian nuclear agreement has not been officially released, the Al-Jazeera website, citing sources without naming them, revealed some details of what would constitute the document.

According to the Qatari news site, the proposed deal would include four stages.

Thus, the day after the signing of the agreement, the sanctions would be lifted for 15 Iranian banks and 150 companies. At the same time, Iran would gradually reduce its nuclear development.

In addition, the freezing of US$7 billion in Iranian funds held by South Korea would be immediately lifted.< /p>

Regarding the export of hydrocarbons, which is a crucial source of income for Iran and a substantial boost for the oil market in the midst of crisis, Tehran could export 2.5 million barrels daily 120 days after the signing of the agreement.

During these 120 days after the signing, the Islamic Republic of Iran could export a total of 50 million barrels.

The agreement would stipulate that the United States would pay a fine to Iran in the event that it withdraws from the agreement again as Donald Trump did in June 2018. This element had been a bone of contention since the resumption of negotiations in Vienna.

On the other hand, the question of the withdrawal of the Corps of the Revolutionary Guards from the American list of terrorist organizations has apparently been abandoned for the moment by the Iranians, according to a European negotiator quoted by Al-Jazeera.

Last Monday, the Iranian government handed the Europeans its written responses to the final proposal without revealing details, indicating that reaching a deal depended on the flexibility and realism of the US response.

Like the Europeans, the US State Department indicated on Tuesday that it was examining the Iranian response. The Americans also stressed that they consulted with their partners like Israel and the Persian Gulf monarchies.

These negotiations between Iran and the major powers launched in April 2021 in Vienna aim to resuscitate a 2015 international agreement, known by its acronym JCPOA, which guarantees the civilian nature of Iran's nuclear program, accused despite its denials of seeking to acquire atomic weapons.< /p>

The agreement reached with Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia was torpedoed by the withdrawal of the United States and the restoration US sanctions that suffocate the Iranian economy. In response, Iran has gradually released itself from its obligations.

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