“Iron” dome against enemy drones: In Ukraine, a collection of 1000 anti-drone guns has been opened

It is planned to deliver and transfer to Ukraine 1000 anti-drone guns of Taiwanese production DronesVision ADS for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. These guns can be used to detect and destroy enemy drones, the press service of the International Charitable Foundation «Sofia-Kyiv» reported.

It is assumed that anti-drone guns will be used in the combat zone, near critical infrastructure facilities and to protect Ukrainian cities.

Anti-drone guns are capable of blocking data transmission from enemy drones, jamming drone radio frequencies, intercepting data and remotely controlling an enemy UAV , and are also able to land the drone immediately.

It is noted that these guns are easy to use, and the operator of such a gun can easily master its use.

Between the manufacturer of these tools – DroneVision Incorporation and the International Charitable Foundation & # 171; Sofia-Kyiv & # 187; a memorandum of cooperation was signed providing for the purchase of 1,000 anti-drone guns for the Ukrainian army.

As stated in «Sofia-Kyivska», the funds necessary for the purchase of anti-drone guns will be attracted from representatives of European business and collection of Ukrainians.

The volunteer team of the Foundation managed to agree on a special price for a batch of guns. The manufacturer made special conditions — the cost of a gun for the Ukrainian army will be half that of its European counterparts.

These guns have more powerful functionality than their European counterparts. The model is able to neutralize almost all types of drones that use GPS and radio frequencies for control. Among them are Mavic, «Orion», «Outpost» and «Pledge», which are used by Russian troops.

The weight of one gun is 5.5 kg. The guns have an operator safety certificate issued by NATO member countries and EU CE certification.

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