ISW: APU counteroffensive causes panic among the occupiers and in the Kremlin

ISW: UAF counteroffensive causes panic among occupiers and Kremlin

< p>The counteroffensive of the Ukrainian military undermines the already low morale of the so-called elite Russian units and causes panic among influential people from the Kremlin. This is reported by the American Institute for the Study of War.

Analysts note that the urgent discussion on September 19 among Russian proteges about the need for Russia to immediately annex the Lugansk and Donetsk regions indicates that the ongoing counteroffensive of Ukraine is causing panic in the enemy, including including decision-makers in the Kremlin.

At the same time, it was noted that calls for «referendums» sounded against the background of the fact that Russian troops do not control the entire Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Thus, the annexation of territories claimed by the «LDNR» will lead to Russia annexing areas that, according to the Kremlin, will be partially under the legitimate Ukrainian authority and the influence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to ISW, the Kremlin may believe that a partial annexation could prompt the recruitment of additional forces from both Russia and the newly annexed Ukrainian territory. In addition, Ukrainian successes in the counteroffensive further reduce the already low morale among Russian units, which were considered elite until February 24.

  • The “LDNR” proposed to immediately hold “referendums” on “joining » to Russia.
  • Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev said that after «referendums» Russia will have the right to use all means for protection.

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