ISW: Different processes of mobilization in the regions can exacerbate social tension in the Russian Federation

ISW: Different mobilization processes in the regions can exacerbate social tension in Russia

Different mobilization processes in different regions can exacerbate social tension in Russia. This is stated in the material of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Analysts write that the Russian mobilization system is trying to cope with the task set by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and, most likely, will not be able to create even such a mobilized reserve force low quality, which was supposed by Putin's plans, if the Kremlin can not quickly fix the fundamental and systemic problems.

The institute noted that the problems and mistakes in the early days of the large-scale and complex «partial» mobilizations during an unsuccessful war are not unexpected, although they indicate that the Russian military mobilization infrastructure was no better prepared for a major war than the Russian armed forces.

Nevertheless, according to military analysts, it is possible that the Russian Ministry of Defense will solve some of the worst problems and mobilize efforts.

The ISW added that disagreements with the mobilization decree and statements by Putin and Shoigu regarding the categories of men exempted from mobilization are also causing anger and distrust of the Russian federal subjects and the Kremlin itself.

According to experts, different mobilization processes in different regions may exacerbate social tension in Russia, which has already grown due to the perception of inequality in the creation of volunteer battalions.

  • According to media reports, 1.2 million Russians are going to be mobilized in Russia.

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