ISW explained why Putin needs a Christmas truce

ISW explains why Putin needs a Christmas truce

President In Russia, Vladimir Putin announced a Christmas truce to damage Ukraine's reputation and seize the initiative on the battlefield. This is reported by the American Institute for the Study of War.

Analysts suggest that the Russian dictator seeks to provide a 36-hour pause for the Russian occupying forces to give them the opportunity to rest, recuperate and reorient to resume offensive operations in critical areas front. This pause will disproportionately benefit the occupiers and begin to deprive Ukraine of the initiative.

In turn, Putin's justification for a ceasefire on religious grounds further strengthens another Russian information operation that will present Ukraine as suppressing religious groups and positioning Putin as &# 171;a true defender of the Christian faith».

«The use of the ceasefire as an information operation, combined with Putin's continued propaganda of maximalist goals in Ukraine, continues to show Putin's lack of desire to conduct real negotiations with Ukraine», — note in ISW.

  • Putin instructed to cease fire for the Christmas holidays.
  • On the morning of January 5, an appeal by Patriarch Kirill was published on the website of the Russian Orthodox Church, calling on “all parties involved into an internecine conflict”, to a Christmas truce.
  • The OP responded to the Kremlin’s statements about a “ceasefire” for Christmas.
  • Biden said that Putin is trying to take a break with the help of a “truce”.

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