ISW: Kremlin fails to meet ultra-nationalist demands for war with Ukraine

ISW: Kremlin fails to meet ultranationalist demands for war with Ukraine

The incident with the penetration of the «Ukrainian DRG» to the Bryansk region on March 2 caused a wave of discontent among the Russian military correspondents and the ultranationalist community. This is reported by the American Institute for the Study of War.

Kremlin-linked military correspondents and former puppet officials called on the Kremlin to declare the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the «Russian Volunteer Corps» terrorist organizations and compared the incident to the siege of a school in Beslan in North Ossetia in 2004. They also called on the Kremlin to use this incident to form the Headquarters of the Supreme High Command, which will make all political, military and economic decisions in order to ensure Russia's victory in the war.

A number of other military correspondents linked the incident to Putin's recent statements that the FSB should step up border security and called for more resources to be allocated to border units. Some military bloggers even called on Russia to form assassination squads to kill Ukrainian officials and create exclusion zones on the border.

The ISW believes that these reactions indicate that the Kremlin is unable to satisfy the demands of Russian ultra-nationalist groups.< /p>

«These reactions indicate that the ultra-nationalist community is largely unhappy with many aspects of the Kremlin's inability to fully adhere to its own deceitful rhetoric that Russia is waging an «existential war» in Ukraine», — The report said.

It was noted, however, that the Kremlin could use this opportunity to introduce additional security measures in Russia that would be beneficial to Putin without exposing the Russian Federation to greater risk or internal unrest because of, for example, a declaration of war.

  • “RDK” entered the territory of the Russian Federation. Propaganda calls them saboteurs.
  • Putin called the events in the Bryansk region a “terrorist attack”.
  • Kadyrov called for dealing with the families of «saboteurs».

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