ISW: Russian conscripts don't have experience for a successful offensive

ISW: Russian mobilized lack experience for successful offensive

Russia's use of mobilized military personnel is unlikely to create sufficient offensive capability for a large-scale and rapid mechanized offensive. This is reported by the American Institute for the Study of War.

Representative of the Ukrainian operational command «Tavriysk» Aleksey Dmitrashkovsky said that the Russian military would have to resupply the 155th Naval Infantry Brigade for the third time due to losses near Vugledar. He noted that before the defeat in Vugledar, the 155th Marine Brigade had 5,000 servicemen.

In turn, ISW cites the words of a Russian soldier of the 155th Marine Brigade, who participated in the assault on Vugledar. He said that 80-90% of the brigade was staffed with mobilized people.

In this regard, analysts state that Russian mobilized people do not have the necessary combat experience that is needed to successfully conduct a mechanized offensive.

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«Russia may transfer additional mobilized units to the Ugledar Front capable of conducting reliable defense or offensive operations of attrition, but they are unlikely to become effective mechanized units capable of conducting successful offensive operations in a short period of time» , says the review.

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