ISW: Russian military replaces Wagner PMC to step up attack on Bakhmut

ISW: Russian military replace Wagner PMC to bolster offensive on Bakhmut

Russian military personnel are likely replacing the depleted forces of mercenaries from PMC «Wagner» to strengthen the offensive on Bakhmut. This is reported by the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

«PMC forces «Wagner» in the Bakhmut region, they did not achieve significant success after the capture of Soledar. The units of the Russian army are participating in the battles for Bakhmut in order to intensify the Russian offensive. Fighting footage released on January 20 indicates Russian airborne troops are operating around Bakhmut as they show a Russian BMD-4M, a niche mechanized vehicle used exclusively by paratroopers», —

The ISW noted that the Russian Ministry of Defense is increasingly reporting that Russian airborne troops have been operating in the Bakhmut area since early January 2023, indicating that Russian troops are reinforcing or replacing the «Wagnerians».

After deploying additional forces, the Russians probably have not exhausted their offensive potential in the Bakhmut area, American analysts say.

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