ISW: Russian troops began to retreat from the west of the Kherson region

ISW: Russian troops began to retreat from the west of Kherson region

Russian troops began to retreat from the western part of the annexed Kherson region. The American Institute for the Study of War ISW reports this in its summary for October 21.

ISW analysts refer to reports from the Ukrainian army, which announced the day before that Russian forces were “quite actively” transferring ammunition, equipment and some units from the western banks of the Dnieper to the east and sent about two thousand mobilized to hold the front line, probably to cover the withdrawal of troops.

The ISW report notes that the detachment of Russians, which holds the defense and covers the withdrawal of other forces, must be trained and professional.

“It is unlikely that the poorly trained, newly mobilized Russian reservists will stand and resist the Ukrainian counterattack if the Ukrainian forces decide to attack them and pursue the retreating forces,” writes ISW.

In addition, the Institute for the Study of War repeated the prediction that Russia is likely to blow up the dam of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station in Kher Sona region to cover their retreat and prevent Ukrainian troops from pursuing Russian forces deep into the Kherson region. The responsibility for damaging the dam of the Russian Federation is going to be laid on Ukraine.

“Ukraine has no material interest in the explosion of the dam, which could flood 80 Ukrainian cities and lead to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people

  • In the Kherson region, the Defense Forces have already liberated 88 settlements.

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