ISW told why Putin calls Ukraine for negotiations

ISW reported the purpose of Putin's calls on Ukraine to negotiate

< p>Russian President Vladimir Putin is using talk of negotiations with Ukraine as a means of separating it from Western supporters, portraying Kiev as unwilling to compromise or even participate in negotiations. This is reported by the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

According to analysts, Putin is trying to use any window of negotiations and a ceasefire to give Russian troops time to resume and continue operations, thus depriving Ukraine of the initiative.< /p>

However, according to experts, a quick ceasefire agreement that would allow Russian troops to rest and rearm this winter is extremely unlikely.

Negotiations for a long-term ceasefire throughout the theater of operations take time, analysts say. Russia and Ukraine are extremely far apart under the terms of any such agreement.

Putin's position in the Russian media space continues to oscillate between support for the Russian Ministry of Defense and the nationalist and military blogging community.

Military Analysts say that Putin is probably trying to maintain the position he tried to take throughout his reign, when he supposedly knows all Russian problems, but is not directly responsible for them.

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