ISW: Waves of missile strikes on Ukraine are not related to Surovikin's “style”

ISW: Waves of missile strikes on Ukraine are not related to Surovikin's < /p>

The style of warfare of the newly appointed commander of the Russian group, Sergei Surovikin, does not explain the wave of massive missile attacks on Ukraine on October 10-11 and is unlikely to lead to significant changes in Russian operations. This is reported by the American Institute for the Study of War.

Analysts note that the theater commander was supposed to control the October 10 cruise missile strikes. Surovikin was appointed on October 8, while Ukrainian intelligence reported that massive missile strikes were being prepared as early as October 2. Russian military officials are believed to have coordinated Surovikin's appointment and missile strikes against Ukraine's critical infrastructure on October 10 to restore perceptions of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Thus, the massive missile strikes and the appointment of Surovikin, the hero of the extremist nationalist Russian information space, is probably designed to satisfy the loudest voices in the public and information space.

The ISW draws attention to the fact that the appointment of Surovikin will not lead to further «serialization» Russian operations in Ukraine, because the combat space in Ukraine is fundamentally different from the combat space in Syria. In particular, Russia fails to achieve air superiority and therefore cannot launch such «carpet bombing» throughout Ukraine, which it has carried out in Syria.

Thus, it is considered unlikely that Surovikin's role will lead to fundamental changes in Russian operations in Ukraine as long as Western supporters of Ukraine continue to supply Kyiv with air defenses.< /p>

Analysts stress that part of the Russian way of warfare has become a disregard for international law and an enthusiasm for the mistreatment of civilians.

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