It became known how it was possible to find and sink the cruiser “Moskva”

It became known how the cruiser Moskva was found and sunk

On April 13, Ukrainian defenders were able to find and get a «Neptune» the flagship of the Russian fleet & # 171; Moscow & # 187; thanks to bad weather and the self-confidence of Russian sailors. This is reported in the article «Ukrainska Pravda» «Sink «Moscow»: unknown details. Like Ukrainian «Neptune» destroyed the flagship of the Russian fleet».

April 13 Russian missile cruiser «Moskva» stood in the Black Sea about 120 km from the coast. At the time of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, Ukraine did not have over-the-horizon radars, and a conventional radar cannot show targets at such a distance. The invaders knew this, so they felt safe enough.

However, around 4 p.m. on April 13, the operator of the complex & # 171; Neptune & # 187; received very unexpected data – a conventional radar showed a large target about 120 km from the coast. Only the cruiser «Moskva» could be an object of this size in this sector of the Black Sea. Ukrainian rocket scientists say that nature itself helped to see the enemy target.

Due to the fact that there were dense clouds above the sea, the signal from the radar was reflected from them to the surface of the water, and from the water back to the clouds – and in in such a corridor, the radar unexpectedly reached «Moscow».

The Russians were so sure of their inaccessibility to Ukrainian forces that, according to the interlocutors of «UP», they probably did not even activate their air defense systems. Although even the included anti-aircraft defense almost does not see the Ukrainian low-speed missile, because it flies over the water itself.

Western media regarding the defeat of «Moscow» published their version. Some wrote that the coordinates of the target were allegedly confirmed to Ukraine in the European center of NATO, others that an American reconnaissance aircraft «P-8 Poseidon» was used to fulfill Ukraine's request, which provided the exact coordinates.

< p>However, the interlocutors «UP» military circles say that the Ukrainians themselves are capable of solving such tasks of incredible complexity, and that the Russian 120-meter mountain of iron was constantly seen and recorded using satellites. Like, the problem was not to find «Moscow», but to get it.

But on April 13, the Russian cruiser unexpectedly entered the zone of destruction of Ukrainian missiles. And as soon as this was fixed, they immediately released two «Neptune».

According to «UP»'s interlocutors, the most interesting phase of the operation began just after the missiles rushed into the sea. «Neptune» they had to overcome the distance to the target in about 6 minutes.

But no one knew if they hit, because the operators «Bayraktarov» they refused to take off to verify the hit: above the clouds they would not see anything, and below the clouds they would be 100% shot down.

Understood that «Neptunes» hit the target when «Moscow» suddenly moved and tried to hide behind Boyko's «towers». And also because four ships simultaneously rushed to the flagship of the Russian fleet from different directions. But just then, an unexpected storm began at sea, and rescue operations became very complicated.

When the Ukrainian military realized that from Crimea to «Moscow» the tugboat came out, it became obvious to them that the situation on the cruiser was critical. On the night of April 14, one of the main current security officials wrote to journalists that «Moscow is everything».

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