It became known when the people of Kiev will have water and heat

It became known when Kiev residents will have water and heat

As a result of the missile attack of the Russian Federation on November 23, water supply and heating were partially lost in the houses of Kiev residents, experts are working to fix the breakdowns. This was reported by the Kyiv city military administration.

«A residential sector fell under enemy shelling. Unfortunately, there are casualties. Three people died, eleven were injured»,— the message says.

It is noted that the power supply was cut off in an emergency mode, recovery is expected after the system stabilizes. Water and heat in the homes of residents of the capital should appear on the morning of November 24.

«All emergency teams are working in emergency mode to restore damaged communications. We hold on. We will stand against all odds», — added to the KGVA.

According to «Suspilne«, Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko said that now 80% of the city is left without water and light. According to him, repairs can take from several to 10 hours.

  • On November 23, the Russian Federation again attacked Ukraine with missiles.
  • Klitschko said that today 31 enemy missiles were flying to the capital, 21 was shot down.
  • Photos of the consequences of Russian missile strikes on Kyiv and Vyshgorod appeared.

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