Italian Defense Minister: Russia may use nuclear weapons if there is a risk of defeat in a war

Italian Defense Minister: Russia may use nuclear weapons in case of risk of defeat in war< /p>

Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto believes that if Russia is threatened with defeat in the war, it will decide to launch a nuclear strike. Il Fatto Quotidiano writes about this.

«The use of tactical nuclear energy is planned by Russia. For us it is unthinkable, but for Moscow — yes, if the point of no return is passed, if they risk defeat. In short, the danger is potentially there, although very unlikely» — the minister said.

At the same time, he assured that Italy would continue to support Ukraine, including by providing military assistance.

Crosetto specified that the layout of the sixth aid package Ukraine has not yet started, but confirmed that Ukraine has been asking for months for support against air attacks on civilian objects: hospitals, schools, power plants.

«If possible, we will certainly help them to protect themselves: Russia crossed a border it shouldn't have crossed» he noted.

In the opinion of the Minister of Defense, the supplies should be compatible with the ability to restock these weapons and transfer them to Kyiv in good working order.

«You won't find rockets in the supermarket like a jar of «Nutella», they are complex systems that take a long time to produce. You can't say: okay, tomorrow I'll go and buy a hundred missiles. They are not here. Therefore, if we give Ukraine air defense systems, we must take them from our stocks, and we must do this without depriving ourselves of protection, and with confidence in the quality,” Crosetto said.

    < li>In early December, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin declared that the threat of nuclear war «is growing».

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