“It's important to be here”: Vladimir Zelensky arrived in Kherson | PHOTO | VIDEO


President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the city of Kherson, which was liberated from Russian invaders. This was reported by Reuters.

Answering the question of why the head of state decided to come to the liberated city when the occupiers are in close proximity, Zelensky stated the need to show Kherson residents that « , but we are actually returning the territories and raising our flag».

The President also noted that the joyful emotions of the residents of the liberated city motivate.

«We're moving forward. We are ready for peace, peace for our entire country»,— Zelensky said addressing the military on Kherson's main square.

Among other things, he thanked NATO and other allies for their support in the war against Russia and said that the supply of high mobility rocket artillery systems (HIMARS) from The USA was of great importance for Kyiv.

«Important to be here»: Vladimir Zelensky arrived in Kherson | PHOTO | VIDEO

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