Jaja (Secret Story) at the heart of an underground party: the Belgian police intervene

The police had to intervene in the night from Saturday to Sunday to put an end to a “lockdown party” which was organized in a warehouse in Belgium. Reality TV stars were present to celebrate the birthday of Jaja, ex candidate of “Secret Story”.
Clandestine parties have been on the rise in recent times even as Covid-19 continues to kill all over the world. Lately, it is the ex candidate ofSecret Story 10 (2016), Jaja , who is believed to have been behind one of them. Indeed, according to several videos shared on social networks on the evening of Saturday, December 12, 2020, but also according to information from RTL Info , the young man who has lost a lot of weight , wished to celebrate his 28 years in a warehouse transformed into a nightclub near Laeken in Belgium.

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No less than a hundred people would have been invited to celebrate his birthday. Alcohol, hookahs, capsules containing laughing gas, the guests partied in more than 200 m2. The Belgian police ended up being warned and came to interrupt the evening around 2 a.m. About sixty people have reportedly been identified and reports have been drawn up.

LĂ©ana , seen in theAngels , should have been part of the party animals, as she explained live on her Instagram account. The young woman had just made two hours of road to join the evening. ” It was Jaja’s surprise birthday, that’s why I came to Brussels . (…) I came for Jaja, even if he didn’t know about it, since he’s a surprise birthday “, she revealed. Unfortunately, the reality TV candidate had to turn around immediately after landing on the scene. ” We arrive there, and his best friend calls us to tell us it’s dead. There is a police van, 250 euros fines, and more parties. No kidding. The party is canceled.

For her part, Jaja has not yet spoken on the subject. He still revealed to be angry because it was a friend who reportedly denounced him. ” Call the police and tell them to intervene at the exact time of my arrival for my 28th birthday … “, he regretted on Snapchat and Instagram.

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