Jazz humiliated: Laurent’s deceptions, low blows … “I’m leaving the networks!”

Jazz has cracked. After the revelations of Maeva Ghennam on the deceptions of Laurent Correia, the star of the JLC Family has made the heavy decision to leave social networks. A story in several stages which is causing a stir in the world of reality TV …
Nothing is going well for the JLC Family. In Dubai, the couple formed by Jazz and Laurent Correia , alias Billionaire, risk being shattered. And Maeva Ghennam is not for nothing.

Miss France 2020: Controversies, low blows … an edition under pressure
Sunday, December 20, 2020, on Snapchat, the mother of Chelsea (3 years old) and Cayden (soon 2 years old) announced in tears to leave social networks and her job as an influencer. Explanations on the scandal which shakes the starlets of the small screen.

It all started on Thursday, December 17, 2020, when Maeva Ghennam spent the night with SisiK, singer and close friend of Jazz and Laurent. On Snapchat, SisiK’s sister and Jazz had fun with this new couple. But the candidate ofMarseillais (W9) felt ” humiliated ” and in turn spoke on Snapchat, triggering a real war. ” Yes, I did after at SisiK and I fully assume. What pains me a lot is that we remove the sheets to fuck my face … What Jazz is doing is very hypocritical ! “, launches Maeva Ghennam, estimating that her enemy wanted” to humiliate him and display it publicly in front of all of France “.

Greg Yega’s ex-girlfriend has more than one trick up his sleeve. Injured by the mockery of Jazz, who claims to have only wanted to chamber her friend SisiK, Maeva Ghennam threw up big files. ” They pay bloggers to destroy others to shine even more! “, She assures. And to reveal the deceptions of Laurent , qualifying Jazz of ” cuckold ” : ” I have a friend named Lilly, she is a Frenchwoman who lives in Dubai. It turns out that Laurent speaks to her and seeks to see her And I have all the proof! Laurent has mistresses, in particular a mistress here in Dubai whom he sees, whom he assumes, with whom he sleeps and with whom he is in love.It pained me for Jazz. ” Furious to see this private information leaked, SisiK threatened his lover to publish their sextape … which does not exist. The singer has indeed confessed to lying in an attempt to protect his friends.

It was then that Jazz, devastated and in tears, reacted, still on the social network of ephemeral image sharing. ” What she did to me was crazy. I don’t even have words, to believe that these people I did something crazy to them, I disturb them that much. She made me worse what humiliated, she says . Today I do not cry with sadness, no anger, I cry with disgust. How far does this vicious world go? ” And to continue: ” Today, I admit defeat, I stop the war with them. I am wasting too much time because of all that.From today, I decide that it’s all over, my social networks, being an influencer … I’m ready to sit on the money and have a normal life just to stop seeing this disgusting world. ”

Finally, Laurent Correia ended up explaining himself about his deceptions. ” I’m a man. Yes, what came out is true , I argued with a girl. From there, it was as if I had cheated on my wife. For me, arguing is cheating. ” , he assumes. And blaming Maeva Ghennam ” ?. Are you ready to destroy a family, to leave children grow up without their father You can say I’m a bastard, but today is my wife who is lower than low Raise hand those who have never wavered in their marriage . When you get married, it’s for good or for worse! You are humiliating my wife publicly on the Internet. “An unconvincing defense …

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