Jean Castex, “intimate”, poses with his wife Sandra: a great first!

Since replacing Edouard Philippe as Prime Minister (it was last July), Jean Castex has always been extremely discreet about his private life. The 55-year-old man, originally from the Pyrénées-Orientales, poses this week on the cover of “Paris Match” with his wife Sandra, in the garden of Matignon.
This December 23, 2020 marks the end of the period of isolation of Jean Castex , after having been a contact case of Emmanuel Macron, tested positive for Covid-19 . But not only ! This Christmas Eve eve also marks a great first: the Prime Minister poses with his wife Sandra on the cover of Paris Match .

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On the eve of the release of its new number, the famous weekly – which is used to giving its Unes to French politicians and their wives – unveiled this unprecedented cover of Jean and Sandra Castex. A nice appetizer before discovering more in the inside pages.

The couple appear relaxed, holding hands during a stroll outside. The coat open, without his glasses, the Prime Minister is smiling, while his dog (a Brittany spaniel in full race) precedes him. ” Intimate Castex. The Prime Minister receives us in family at Matignon “, headlines Paris Match . A beautiful promise of reading …

On its website , the weekly already reveals a few words from Jean Castex about his wife. If the 55-year-old replaced the very popular Edouard Philippe last July , after his resignation, it is with the essential endorsement of Sandra. ” If my wife had not agreed to come and live in Matignon, I would not be Prime Minister “, confides the former enarque.

And Sandra, with whom Jean Castex had 4 children (girls), offers sweet parentheses to the Prime Minister, whose daily life is obviously overloaded. ” If the very reserved Sandra Castex keeps a good distance from the affairs of the State, she sometimes ventures into the offices of the first floor. It is less to discuss with the advisers than to impose a small recess in a job of the overloaded time of head of government “, writes Paris Match .

Sandra Ribelaygue, a 49-year-old Catalan, also leads a political career as a municipal councilor in the small village of Valcebollère. It is therefore the Prime Minister’s perpetual attachment to his native Pyrénées-Orientales.

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