Jean-Louis Aubert “very diminished”: return to his recent health problems

It is all smiles, survivor, that he evokes the difficulty of these last months. Jean-Louis Aubert, believing he was a victim of the coronavirus, realized that something much more formidable was happening in him … He confides today on this critical parenthesis to “Paris Match”
He saw the light at the end of the hall. A few months ago, when he thought he had caught the coronavirus, Jean-Louis Aubert had to face a surprising diagnosis, to say the least. He who had never encountered the slightest problem to breathe saw that his lungs were in perfect working order … unlike his heart. As he explains in the columns of the magazine Paris Match , the specialists detected, by checking his state of health, a deformation of birth which made that the aortic valve of the singer was ” very small “.

” I had never heard of this deformity, no one in my family had had heart problems , he says. Well that’s what I thought, because in fact we all have it. , but nobody cares. The consequence is that you can die overnight, or have a heart attack that leaves you in a strange state. So the solution is to operate. as soon as possible . ” Jean-Louis Aubert underwent surgery in July . Several cardiologists had predicted a terrible future for him, telling him that like Joe Strummer or Mick Jagger , he could ” fall anytime “.

All’s well that ends well for the favorite musician of the French. But not without some risks. Operated for 4h30, Jean-Louis Aubert was the victim of an infection of the bladder and kidneys which almost deprived him of what he cherishes most in the world: the guitar. ” I must have had one shot of antibiotics a day for a month , he recalls. It was ruthless. I found myself very diminished .” On August 14, 2020, however, audiences found him brand new on social media, sitting at the piano. From this difficult experience, it comes out all the stronger. The reissue of his album Refuge also contains an unreleased track, Va where your heart tells you, which resonated with him as he awoke from his operation. Sacred experience …

Find the interview with Jean-Louis Aubert in the magazine Paris Match, n ° 3737 of December 17, 2020.

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