Jean-Michel Maire and the Covid-19: Weight loss and depression, story of his ordeal

He drooled over it! Jean-Michel Maire suffered from Covid-19 twice, last March and then in December 2020. Barely negative for the coronavirus, he is back in “Touche pas à mon poste” on C8 and tells about his ordeal, between weight loss and “long depression”.
The coronavirus will have affected many French people, from near or far. Jean-Michel Maire can attest to this. Columnist Cyril Hanouna has contracted Covid-19 twice in 2020! Back on the set ofDon’t touch my post (C8) Tuesday December 15, 2020, he tells about his ordeal, between weight loss and depression.

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” I lost weight. It is one of the only advantages because there is a loss of taste, therefore of appetite “, launches Jean-Michel Maire, thinned by the disease. But apart from the physical symptoms from which he suffered, the comrade of Benjamin Castaldi and Isabelle Morini-Bosc was also psychologically affected. ” I went into a long depression, ” says Jean-Michel Maire.

But the columnist is aware that he is not the most to be pitied: ” I am doing better than others who have responsibilities, shops, restaurants, dependent staff. Me, I am all alone so ultimately it only concerns me. “However, his relatives are also suffering from the situation. ” But it is especially vis-à-vis my family, my children that I already saw less because of confinement , he regrets. Suddenly when you are sick, you no longer see them at all. ” But Jean-Michel Maire was well surrounded, even from a distance. ” Everyone called me, I didn’t feel alone, ” he blurted out.

Confined to his home with his partner, the joking columnist even feared for his life. ” At one point I had a completely stupid thought. I said to my girlfriend, to whom I unfortunately gave the Covid-19: ‘I have to go to the hospital now, maybe ‘after that I would no longer have priority’ , he recalls. I was afraid to languish like that. ”

On December 8, 2020, Jean-Michel Maire was already giving his news on CNEWS. ” Today, things are a little better. Every day is better than the day before, ” he confided. He has since tested negative but remains cautious and still fears infecting those close to him.

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