Jean-Michel Maire still positive for Covid-19: live news, “it’s incredible!”

The coronavirus will not have spared Jean-Michel Maire. The columnist of Cyril Hanouna in “Touche pas à mon poste” (C8) was ill for the first time last March, then contracted Covid-19 again in December. Live on television, he gives his news.
Last March, Jean-Michel Maire confided that he was suffering from the coronavirus . Many months later, Monday December 7, 2020, Cyril Hanouna explained that his columnist is absent fromDon’t touch my post (C8) … because he contracted Covid-19 for the second time . The day after this announcement, Jean-Michel Maire gave his news on CNEWS.

” I’m positive this time for sure. I did a PCR test and had very glaring symptoms . The first time, last spring, I was not tested but I was diagnosed , he says. A doctor from SOS Médecins told me I had COVID-19. I stuck with that idea the first time. I had all the symptoms except loss of taste. “This time, Jean-Michel Maire must face this unequivocal symptom. ” I couldn’t even understand that feeling, but it’s incredible. There if I didn’t have the notion of the texture of the food, I wouldn’t even know what I was eating, ” he says. he.

The 59-year-old journalist, who is ” in the midst of the contagion “, gives his news. ” Today, things are a little better. Every day is better than the day before . I have a lot of cough, a little fever at the beginning and especially a loss of taste, that’s what really alerted me ” , launches Jean-Michel Maire. And to regret: ” What is a pity is that a doctor from SOS Médecins told me that I had had it, suddenly I protected myself much less afterwards. I nabbed it more easily the second. times . ”

After Cyril Hanouna spoke about Jean-Michel Maire’s illness, the columnist also spoke in video on Twitter. ” I wanted to reassure you. It’s true that the Covid, it’s not funny, I remain confined with my darling who is also positive. We don’t see many people, no one even. But I think of you, I watch the show , he said. I hope to come back next week in great shape. I will do a test at the end of the week, hoping it is negative and that I can be with you and with Cyril for the last straight line before the end of year holidays. ”

It is with his partner, also positive, that he is confined. Remember that her daughter was also infected with the coronavirus.

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