Jean-Paul Gaultier “pacsé for five years” and soon children? He answers

In an interview with “Têtu” published on December 9, 2020, Jean-Paul Gaultier says a little more about the man who has shared his life for more than twelve years. The creator makes it a point of honor to preserve the intimacy of his relationship.
During all these years, Jean-Paul Gaultier has remained very secret about his romantic relationships. The now retired stylist hardly ever talks about his private life, he who has shared the life of the same man for more than twelve years. In an interview with Têtu on the occasion of the number which celebrates its 25th anniversary, with LGBT icons, the eternal couturier confided in his couple, revealing in the process to be in a civil partnership.

” I have been in a civil partnership for five years. Being myself an eternal child, I would be unable to raise one. And then, creating a collection is a bit of a childbirth each time. At the rate of two per year, that already has 90 babies! “, explained Jean-Paul Gaultier, December 9, 2020. In this interview, the designer also underlines the importance of the diversity of skin tones and bodies. “I always thought that there was not only one form of beauty. From my first shows, I looked for non-professional models with particular, singular physique, of different body types, of different cultures and different types of skin. Long live the differences, “said the designer.

It is perhaps this foolproof lightness that so appealed to her man, whose identity still remains a secret . ” I do not expose my privacy. My life is completely normal, it is just different because of my job. At home, I watch the TV and I eat. Basta! I am not at all social, I do not feel particularly comfortable in the evenings, “he confided to Paris Match in January 2020, specifying in passing that he had been in a relationship for twenty years.

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