Jeff Bridges with lymphoma: actor shaves his head and shares his convalescence

Jeff Bridges allows his fans to follow the progress of his cancer treatment. The actor with lymphoma has been discharged from hospital. He continues his convalescence near the beach, and keeps smiling.
Thanks to social networks, Jeff Bridges communicates directly with his fans. He gives them reassuring news of his state of health. The actor suffering from lymphoma continues his treatment and reveals his change of look …

On Instagram (where he has nearly 420,000 subscribers) and on his website, Jeff Bridges allows his admirers to follow the progress of his treatment . The actor honored at the Golden Globes 2019 has visibly left the hospital. He is now enjoying his convalescence near a beach, as shown in his publication of Monday, December 14, 2020.

” I feel good, ” he wrote in the caption of a photo of him, his head shaved, lying on the terrace. He adds, ” I shaved my head. I had a puppy, Monty. I celebrated my birthday, 71, man .” Jeff Bridges turned 71 on December 4. His followers wished him a happy birthday and a good recovery in the comments.

Jeff Bridges announced that he was suffering from lymphoma on October 19, on Twitter. The actor quickly began his treatment against this cancer. ” Although it is a serious illness, I consider myself fortunate to have a great medical team and the prognosis is good. I am starting treatment and I will keep you posted on my recovery, ” he wrote.

Supported by his admirers, Jeff Bridges is also (and naturally) by his family! Married to Susan Geston since 1977, he is the father of three daughters, Isabelle (39), Jessica (37) and Haley (35) and grandfather of a granddaughter, Grace (9). Grace is the daughter of his eldest daughter Isabelle.

Before his illness was diagnosed and he began treatment, Jeff Bridges was filming a television series for the FX channel, called The Old Man and adapted from a spy novel. He plays the character of a retired CIA agent who tries to escape his past.

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