Joe Biden in Pennsylvania to talk safety and guns

Joe Biden in Pennsylvania to talk safety and firearms

For President Joe Biden, this is the first of three trips to this key state in the upcoming legislative elections.

Joe Biden travels to Pennsylvania on Tuesday to talk about insecurity and firearms, the first of three trips to this key state in the upcoming legislative elections, also in the sights of his predecessor Donald Trump.

The American president notably promised Thursday a major speech on the need to save the soul of America, which he will deliver in Philadelphia, a city in Pennsylvania considered to be the cradle of the American nation.< /p>

Tuesday, it is in the more modest locality of Wilkes-Barre that he goes, in a kind of homecoming, since the 79-year-old Democrat is born in nearby Scranton.

The president wants to hammer both a message of firmness in the face of crime, and promise new reforms to regulate firearms, while the shootings continue to mourn the country.

When it comes to public safety, the answer is not to cut, but to increase the police budget, his spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said on Monday, arguing that Joe Biden had voted a recovery plan allowing local authorities, among other things, to finance the forces of order.

She noted, in response to the Republicans who readily tax the Democrats with laxity in matters of security , that the latter had not voted in Congress in favor of these investments.

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre.

The president, who recently signed the first reform in decades on the possession of firearms, has by elsewhere let it be known that he wanted to go further than this text with limited scope.

We must act to ban assault rifles, insisted Karine Jean -Pierre.

A way to mobilize the electorate in this key state before the midterm elections in November, traditionally difficult for the party installed in the White House, but which Joe Biden and the Democrats approach with renewed enthusiasm. optimism.

Strong with rising voting intentions for his party, the Democratic president has thus planned to go three times in one week (Tuesday, Thursday, then next Monday ) in Pennsylvania, where the control of the Senate, the upper house of Congress, could be played out. Democrats have a precarious majority there so far.

The Senate election in this eastern state pits Democrat John Fetterman, an invariably bald colossus against dressed in a dark hoodie and shorts, former mayor of a city battered by deindustrialization, to Republican Mehmet Oz, a doctor turned TV star, dubbed by Donald Trump.

< p class="e-p">The former Republican president is also expected on September 3, also in Wilkes-Barre, to support his candidate.

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