Joe Biden officially elected: his wife Jill attacked, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton to the rescue

December 14, Joe Biden was officially elected President of the United States after the vote of the American electoral college. He has passed the 270 grand voters mark and will take office in January. The future First Lady, Jill Biden, is already under attack!
Joe Biden will indeed become the 46th President of the United States. After his victory at the polls in November , the 78-year-old Democrat this time saw his result certified by the vote of the grand voters; 306 votes against 232 for his Republican rival, Donald Trump . The country is preparing to welcome a new couple to the White House. But Jill Biden is already targeted by the attacks …

In the pages of the Wall Street Journal , a column signed by the essayist Joseph Epstein attacks the future First Lady, reproaching him for the use of the appellation doctor appended to his name. Jill Biden, 69, has a PhD in Educational Sciences since 2007. A degree from the University of Delaware. Thus, she has the full right to be called a doctor. But it was necessary for a man to be scandalized … ” In the social sciences, being called doctor is considered petty “, did not hesitate to proclaim Joseph Epstein, adding that this title ” rings false ” and ” a bit funny “. For the essayist, the academic certification of the future First Lady came at a time when, he says, “the prestige of doctorates was diminished by the erosion of seriousness and the relaxation of criteria in university education . ”Just that!

A platform attacked from all sides. Starting with two former first ladies: Michelle Obama (2009 to 2017) and Hillary Clinton (1993 to 2001). “ Her name is Dr Jill Biden, do you have a reason! ”, Declared Hillary Clinton on her Twitter account, which also called for an end to the electoral college system in favor of a direct universal vote to respect each ballot ballot slipped into a ballot box. She had had the bitter experience of losing to Donald Trump in the previous election when she had gathered more votes on his name …

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