John Carre is dead: the star author of the spy novel was 89 years old

More than 50 years of career and 60 million books sold all over the world … Saturday evening, John le Carré died at 89, from pneumonia. Ex-secret agent of MI6, the British author was a figure of the spy novel.
He has sold over 60 million books worldwide … On December 12, 2020, the British master of the spy novel John Le Carré passed away. The 89-year-old author died of pneumonia , as his agent and family were able to confirm over the weekend. ” It is with great sadness that I have to announce that David Cornwell, known to the world as John le Carré, passed away after a short illness (unrelated to Covid-19) in Cornwall on Saturday evening, ” said his agent, Jonny Geller, CEO of the Curtis Brown group, in a statement posted on the website of this London-based arts agency. As AFP clarified, the writer leaves behind his wife, Valerie Eustace, and four sons.

For his books, John Le Carré was inspired by his career as a secret agent, ruined by the British double agent Kim Philby who had revealed his cover and that of many of his compatriots in the KGB, pushing him to resign from MI6. He wrote twenty-five novels and a volume of memoirs, The Pigeon Tunnel in 2016. Among his successes, several have had an adaptation on the big screen or for television, like La Taupe in 2011, with the actor British Gary Oldman in the title role. ” His characters were deep and skillfully constructed … Playing the role of George Smiley was one of the peaks of my career. Many of us owe him a lot ,” the star said in a statement.

” We have lost a great figure in English literature, ” her agent said, praising her “great wit”, “kindness”, “humor” and “intelligence”. The king of the horror novel, the American Stephen King, lamented on Twitter the death of a “literary giant” and “humanitarian spirit”. British writer and historian Simon Sebag Montefiore said on the same social network that he was “upset” by the death of a “titan of English literature”.

A brilliant writer who penetrated popular culture
John Le Carré had become famous all over the world after the publication of his third novel, The Spy Who Came From the Cold (in 1964), which he wrote at the age of 30, “eaten up by boredom” as his diplomat activities. at the British Embassy in Bonn in Germany provided him.

The manuscript had been authorized by the secret services which had concluded that it was a work of “pure fiction from beginning to end”, wrote John Le Carré in 2013 in the daily The Guardian . But the press had taken a different view, he said, deciding that this story was ” not just genuine but was kind of a revealing message from the Other Side .” The novel, which has sold over 20 million copies worldwide, tells the story of Alec Leamas, a British double agent who moved to East Germany. Its adaptation to the big screen, with Richard Burton in the title role, marked the beginning of a long collaboration with film and television.

Novelist Robert Harris has described Le Carré as ” one of those authors who was not only a brilliant writer but also penetrated popular culture – and this is very rare “. In his latest novel, published in October 2019, Europhile John Le Carré painted an uncompromising portrait of Prime Minister Boris Johnson portrayed as an “ignorant pig” and called Brexit “madness”.

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