Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan – Why the wedding ceremony was ruined: “I was afraid”

Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan were married for almost 15 years. When celebrating their nuptials in 1965, the two artists formed the superstar couple of yé-yé. Sadly, their dream of a quiet country wedding, far from fans and the media, turned into a nightmare.
It must have been the best day of their lives … It was for sure one of the most trying! On April 12, 1965, Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan got married, three years after their love at first sight behind the scenes at the Olympia. While the star couple of yé-yé dreamed of an intimate ceremony in the countryside, in Loconville (in the Oise), it was finally heckled by a crowd of fans, journalists and photographers that the two artists united so much good or bad.

” A real circus , Sylvie Vartan had remembered, during her appearance on the show 50 ‘Inside , in 2015. There were journalists everywhere. On the roof … Everywhere! It was quite terrifying because that I was afraid for my grandmother, for my father. They moved badly. We were a little manipulated at the same time. Because we were kids and that was part of our life so … We couldn’t refuse anything . ” The young lovers, then aged 21 and 22, had chosen this small town because Sylvie Vartan’s parents own the Gagny mansion there, where the reception was held once the test of the exchange of vows ended.

This April 12 at the end of the morning, the engaged couples first had to make their way to the mayor of Loconville. ” In front of the town hall, 1,500 people (…) were trampling impatiently in the cold and mud since the early hours of the morning (…). Curious people were perched on the hood and on the trunk of the car Sylvie (a big American), blocked a few meters from the town hall, ” AFP reported at the time.

Sylvie Vartan and Johnny Hallyday at their wedding in Loconville. April 12, 1965.
Sylvie Vartan and Johnny Hallyday at their wedding in Loconville. April 12, 1965.
“The appearance of Sylvie’s frail figure, all blonde in her lace hood and her directoire-style dress, unleashed ovations. She had to be lifted, carried to tear her away from her admirers and, with every step, she She was almost suffocated. We no longer knew whether she was screaming with joy or with terror . When she entered the town hall, Sylvie had to lean against a wall for a moment to catch her breath and furtively wipe away tears of emotion. ” A circus that started again a few minutes later with the arrival of Johnny … Nice.

After a civil ceremony under tension, the newlyweds had to arm themselves with courage and phlegm to leave the town hall and join the church, located just a few meters away. Once the crowd crossed with difficulty, it is in a church closed to the public that the couple was able to unite in relative calm, surrounded by their loved ones, also mistreated. ” Papa Vartan was lost, the bride was crying, the witnesses were disheveled and Mr. Jean-Philippe Léo Smet, a soldier by trade, looked with dismay at his new shoes covered with mud, ” theFigaro . Photographer Jean-Marie Perrier, Sylvie Vartan’s witness that day, for his part commented in 50 ‘Inside : ” Sylvie was her dream and her dream was ruined. It must be said. ”

Finally, the newlyweds – and future parents of David (who will arrive the following year) – were able to breathe and celebrate their union in the privacy of the manor of Gagny … after having extricated themselves from the church square. ” We are leaving this evening for ten days of honeymoon, had declared Johnny, abroad, but I do not want to tell you where “. We understand why!

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