Jordan, the rift in the royal house reveals the country’s problems to the world: political reform is urgently needed

Jordan, the rift in the royal house reveals the country’s problems to the world: political reform is urgently needed

In these last days the Jordan has returned to occupy the international limelight not with news relating to the situation in the area or for reasons of customs. An exceptional event happened in the Middle Eastern country, one split in the same royal house, an event that has never happened before, which has deeply shaken national and international public opinion.

Yet over the years there have been occasions for an internal crisis within the royal family, for example when King Abd Allāh II ibn al-giuntousayn came to the throne in a peaceful way this was possible also and above all thanks to the wisdom of the Crown Prince, Hasan, who for 35 years played this role without coming to the throne – who at the behest of his father, King Hussein, went to ʿAbd Allāh II ibn al-Ḥusayn. On that occasion, the prince showed all his loyalty to the royal house, to the people, effectively saving the Hashemite legacy.

Today, for the first time in Jordanian history, there is news of internal conflicts within the royal family over the prince Hamza, brother of the King and in turn Prince of the Crown from 1999 to 2004. The will of his father Hussein, that Hamza should become Crown Prince, was disregarded in 2004 by the will of the current sovereign, who has in practice isolated his brother relegating him to a subordinate and insignificant role from a political and institutional point of view.

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This “family incident” cannot be considered only a personal rivalry between siblings, but it must be analyzed with a broader perspective, which sheds light on the real situation in which the country has been facing for some years now. All the problems that are affecting Jordanian society are coming to the surface, revealing the profound exhaustion of the majority of the population. The Kingdom of Jordan founded a hundred years ago, it is now showing all its inherent weaknesses.

As for the figure of Prince Hamza, it is no secret to anyone that he enjoys a notable popularity in Jordan. It is also known that his father, before dying in 1999, wrote an open letter in which he highlighted the strong bond that existed between him and Hamza and also the envy that this bond aroused within the family. Hamza was admittedly the delfino of his father, but he would also have to face battles within his own family.

Regardless of the familiar scenario, the video that Prince Hamza managed to send to the BBC is not just a personal message, it is much more. It was the means by which he showed the whole world and without filters the situation inside the country. I emphasizedinability to lead to manage the country and its problems. Poverty, unemployment, lack of education, poor health care, and above all corruption, which is the most discussed topic in Jordan in recent years: these are the real problems of the country.

He also illustrated another very important fact, the lack of freedom of expression, the difficulties faced by those who publicly denounce the situation in the kingdom. A difficult problem to manage that needs to be treated and possibly resolved with a government policy very different from the one followed so far. Seriousness and speed are absolutely necessary to solve these serious problems that undermine stability, the credibility of the royal family, society and the country as a whole.

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For the first time since he became king, Abd Allāh II ibn al-Ḥusayn is obliged to take serious criticism from many quarters. To do this, a road map is needed, in which the results must be presented at the beginning, not at the end of the project. This action is priority because broken promises and waste of time will only amplify divisions and discontent. You must proceed shipped to one political reform which implies concrete, tangible acts, starting with human rights, personal rights and everything that falls within the sphere of freedom.

In this context it is also necessary that members of the royal family play roles that make a process possible internal reconciliation of the family and of the country: it is desirable that no one feels excluded from the management of power, no exclusion, as has happened in the last twenty years. This course of action only led towards the dissolution and the fragmentation of the royal family, with a consequent crisis in the Jordan system, from an economic, political and social point of view.

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