Journalists found the “missing” Russian Tu-95 from the airfield “Engels-2” | PHOTO

Journalists tracked down 'missing' Russian Tu-95s from Engels-2 airfield | PHOTO

Russian Tu-95 bombers from the airfield «Engels-2», probably, were transported to the airfield«Olenya» Murmansk region. This is evidenced by Planet Labs satellite images for February 21, 2023, according to «Schemes«.

On the published satellite images, you can see that at the airfield & # 171; Olenya & # 187; there are 11 Tu-95s, as well as two Tu-160s and two Il-78s (refueling aircraft). It should be noted that according to the pictures taken on October 7, 2022, there were only 4 aircraft at this airfield.

Except for the Tu-95 from the satellite in «Olenye» 30 Tu-22s are also visible. They were there before, but now the invaders have placed them around the airfield.

Journalists tracked down the 'missing' Russian Tu-95s from the Engels-2 airfield | PHOTOS

Journalists tracked down the 'missing' Russian Tu-95s from the airfield « Engels-2» | PHOTO

«The fact that this is only the appearance of their use, says their position – some sides are generally among «taxi» airfield tracks, blocking traffic. That is, they simply imitate vigorous activity, perhaps this in order to become the so-called «fake targets» for possible attacks. But the Tu-95 could have been transferred here from «Engels-2» for combat use, & # 187; – noted the aviation expert & # 171; Institute for the Information Society & # 187; Anatoly Khrapchinsky.

Airfield «Deer» is located three times further from the borders of Ukraine in comparison with «Enegls-2» in the Saratov region.

  • On the night of December 26, in the Saratov region of the Russian Federation, explosions thundered on the territory of the Engels military airfield. The Russian Defense Ministry said that a Ukrainian drone was shot down over a military airfield, killing three people.
  • On the morning of December 5, drones attacked the Dyagilevo airbase in the Ryazan region and the Engels airfield in the Saratov region. Long-range strategic aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces is based at the Engels airfield, which is involved in the shelling of Ukraine's critical infrastructure.

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