Journalists pay tribute to Gino Paré, former SQ spokesperson

Journalists pay tribute to Gino Paré, former SQ spokesperson

Gino Paré passed away after battling cancer for several years.

Few of the spokespersons for an organization are remembered by the journalistic community long after their time in media relations. Even rarer are those who are honored by these reporters after their death.

Gino Paré is entitled to this mark of recognition.

His death on July 31, at age 56, after a hard battle with cancer, sent a wind of sadness far beyond those around him.

His constantly positive attitude, despite the many recurrences of the disease, raised a wave of solidarity in his battle against cancer.

From his hospital bed, he shared his ups and downs.

His sudden death has sown sadness among several Montreal media personalities.

I knew Gino when I arrived in Montreal, in police affairs, in 2007. We had worked in the field as part of a night report on road safety. At the time, he was just a patrolman, but you could tell he understood the job of journalists. While loyal to the SQ, he liked the media to be interested in the police profession, shared Marie-Maude Denis, host of the public affairs program Enquête, from Radio-Canada.

“The contact he had with people was based on respect and a lot of humanism. He really was a good guy. »

— Marie-Maude Denis, host of the show Enquête

Gino Paré in the field

Gino was someone journalists could count on to get the facts straight. When we say that there is a human behind the policeman who wears the uniform, in his case it was more than true. We felt the compassion and dedication behind each of his interactions, added Félix Séguin, host of the TV show JE on TVA and public affairs reporter at the Quebecor Bureau of Investigation.

I am very sad. I became news editor and director fairly soon after he took office, but I can take away from him that, despite all the little frictions that arise in our jobs as reporters who search and public relations people who give what they can but not moreover, despite our insistence, he is the one who in any situation knew how to remain the nicest, courteous, gentleman, affirmed David Santerre, co-director of news, investigations and political offices of La Presse. p>

David's former photographer also has very positive memories.

Some people wonder how they became police officers. Gino was one of them. One thing I remember is his extreme kindness and desire to work well with us. I met him at the beginning of Les Patrouilleurs, which was a duo formed by La Presse, around 2008-2011, added Patrick Sanfacon, photographer at La Presse.

Gino Paré left his mark with several members of the media for the respect he expressed for the work of journalists.< /p>

The job of spokesperson in a police organization requires being available at atypical hours. Especially for morning radio needs.

At Bell Media, he also left his mark.

I met Gino [Paré] at several crime scenes, as part of my job. Gino was a skilled communicator. In the space of a few sentences, he knew how to explain a complex situation and above all establish a relationship of trust that allowed us to carry out our mandate to inform the public. He was passionate about his job. His death saddens me a lot, explains Étienne Phénix, journalist at Noovo Info.

I met him in 2008 when I left university, recalls journalist and host Monic Néron.

“Gino had his family and his job tattooed on his heart. A real enthusiast. I will never forget his incarnate kindness and good humor. It seems like I can still hear him answering my phone with his legendary enthusiasm. He had such a taste for living to the end of his fight that should inspire us all to enjoy every second we have with the ones we love. »

— Monic Néron, journalist and host

Gino Paré is survived by his children Laurence and Jérémi, as well as his partner Isabelle. The family will receive condolences on August 20 at the Goyer Funeral Complex in Sainte-Thérèse.

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