Julia Paredes pregnant: early pregnancy “quite difficult”, prohibitions …

The candidate of “Moms & Famous” is pregnant with her second child. And on December 21, Julia Paredes gave the first details of this new pregnancy, on Snapchat.
She no longer believed in it and yet her “miracle” happened. On December 20, 2020, Julia Paredes announced to her Instagram followers that she was pregnant with her second child , the fruit of her love affair with Maxime Parisi . After revealing her happiness in a photo, the candidate of Moms & Famous (TFX) revealed the first details of this new pregnancy on December 21.

Before becoming pregnant, Julia Paredes had two miscarriages , including one to three months of pregnancy at the end of 2019. She therefore preferred to wait to be certain that all was well this time before sharing the information with her subscribers. ” I had exams every week to be sure not to have another miscarriage. We were very stressed, especially me. It is true that I had a hard time living my pregnancy at the beginning because I had all the time very scared . There I am reassured, we had the ultrasound of the second trimester and the baby is in great shape “, entrusted the beautiful brunette of 31 years on Snapchat. She is three months pregnant

In addition to having to manage her stress, Julia Paredes had to face a very unpleasant symptom at the beginning of her pregnancy. ” I was very sick for the first two months. I was just throwing up , I couldn’t eat anything. I had a pretty difficult early pregnancy . At first, I couldn’t even smell the food, I I was nauseous all the time. That’s why I didn’t snap too much. As soon as I could I slept. Now things are a little better, “she revealed.

Unsurprisingly, her gynecologist asked her to take certain precautions so as not to lose her baby again due to her endometriosis. Julia Paredes cannot wear anything and must not walk too much . ” You will see my early pregnancy in Moms & Famous . You will see how I experienced it, how it was announced to Luna, her reaction. I didn’t believe it anymore and it happened when I released the pressure a bit , ”she added. She then advised women with the same disease as her not to give up hope because miracles exist and she is proof of them.

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