Julie Ricci slimmed down after two babies: her incredible figure in underwear

Six months after the birth of her second boy Giovann, Julie Ricci shines. The young mother, who welcomed her first child Gianni in 2018, displays an incredible figure. On Instagram, the beauty strikes a pose in a bra and panties, and amazes her followers.
In 2010, Julie Ricci performed inSecret Story (season 4). Today, ten years later, the daily life of the pretty brunette with blue eyes has changed dramatically. The 34-year-old beauty is fully dedicated to her family life. On Instagram, she shares tender moments with her sons Gianni (2 years) and Giovann (6 months) … and her incredible new postpartum figure .

Monday, December 14, 2020, on the image sharing social network, Julie Ricci shared new photos. The young mother poses in front of a mirror in a fuchsia pink bra and white panties. In profile, she displays an ultra-flat stomach, pretty rounded buttocks and a muscular figure . A dream body after two pregnancies, and when she gave birth to her youngest child Giovann last June, six months ago! In comments, many Internet users have complimented the wife of Pierre-Jean Cabrières on her dream body.

Photos shared from Dubai, where Julie Ricci enjoys the good weather. Indeed, the pretty brunette flew to the city of excess, where she found some comrades of Moms & Famous (TFX). After a dinner with Julia Paredes and Wafa, currently pregnant , Julie Ricci left the luxury building and mall for the desert where she engaged in a sexy photoshoot. In colorful dresses, low-cut and revealing her voluptuous curves, the young woman caused a sensation.

A parenthesis that will do Julie Ricci the greatest good. Indeed, with her husband Pierre-Jean Cabrières, she has lived through difficult times lately. The couple tested positive for Covid-19 . ” I was very sick, all aching. I was hot and cold for a day or two, a bad headache and also a stomach ache. Now I no longer have these symptoms, but I don’t. I no longer have the taste and smell, “she confided last October. Also, in the process, little Gianni had a bad fall and ended up in the emergency room. The young boy opened his mouth and was entitled to ” his first stitch ” in the emergency room.

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