Justice of the peace could be removed after professional misconduct

A justice of the peace could be removed after professional misconduct

A Thunder Bay justice of the peace tried in 2019 to have charges dropped against her son, who had committed a traffic violation.

Anna Gibbon, justice of the peace in Thunder Bay, faces losing her job after being found guilty of professional misconduct at a disciplinary hearing earlier this year.

Two of the members of the Discipline Committee, namely the Judge Timothy Lipson and member of the public John Tzanis recommend his removal.

A previous version of this article instead stated that Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon had been suspended for a month.

MM. Lipson and Tzanis concluded that Anna Gibbon became incapable of performing her duties due to conduct inconsistent with the performance of those duties.

The magistrate tried to defend her son, who had committed a traffic offense in 2019.

Mrs. Gibbon then called the prosecutor in charge of the case and asked the local senior justice of the peace to have the charges against her son dismissed or withdrawn.

The third Committee member, Justice of the Peace Holly Charynam, also found that Ms. Gibbon was wrongful, but she felt that another sanction was possible and opposed the removal.

She wrote that Ms Gibbon's conduct stemmed from a mistaken sense that she had a responsibility to help her son navigate the justice system after he was charged.

Ms. Charynam had instead recommended a suspension without pay for 30 days and mandatory mentoring.

Anna Gibbon has been a justice of the peace since 2013. She previously served as the Aboriginal Liaison Officer for the City of Thunder Bay.

She had been assigned to court outside of Thunder Bay during the process. disciplinary.

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