Justin Trudeau and Olaf Scholz to sign hydrogen deal

Justin Trudeau and Olaf Scholz to Sign Hydrogen Agreement

The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at a press briefing in Berlin last March

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will sign an agreement that could prove crucial to Canada's nascent hydrogen industry.

In a statement issued Friday by the Press and Information Office of the German Federal Government, Berlin announces that the signing of an agreement on the development of hydrogen was on Mr. Scholz's schedule during his trip to Canada, August 21-23.

This agreement is expected to be signed by the two heads of government in Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, where a company in this province plans to build a plant that will use wind energy to produce hydrogen. for export purposes.

Stephenville Mayor Tom Rose said Messrs. Trudeau and Scholz will be accompanied by ministers and a trade delegation from Germany. They will visit a fair devoted to green energy before the signing ceremony.

Mr. Rose argued that his city is the ideal place to install a hydrogen production plant and a wind farm because of the wind corridor that passes through the region. The place also has sufficient quantities of water to produce hydrogen.

The project is under evaluation provincial environmental agency.

The Prime Minister's Office confirmed on Saturday that Mr. Trudeau will accompany the Chancellor on his brief trip to Canada. Stops are also planned in Montreal and Toronto.

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