Kalush Orchestra warned Eurovision organizers about the phrase about Azovstal

Kalush Orchestra warned Eurovision organizers about the phrase about Azovstal

The Kalush Orchestra group warned the Eurovision organizers about their intention to mention Mariupol and Azovstal after the performance. The head of the Ukrainian delegation, Oksana Skibinska, spoke about this at an online press conference of the team with journalists.

– I can confirm, yes. We turned to the organizers with the fact that a similar statement was planned at the end of the performance, she said.

Oleg Psyuk, soloist of the Kalush Orchestra, said that he was ready to go for disqualification.

– There was no doubt. If I didn't say that, I would regret it. Because he considered it his duty. I thought that if we are disqualified, this should happen, but even if there is one of the few chances that we can help our people, then we need to use it, – he said.

On May 17, the Kalush Orchestra will hold a press conference conference in Ukraine.

At the Eurovision 2022 final, the Kalush Orchestra called for help to Ukraine, to save Mariupol and Azovstal. After the performance, vocalist Oleg Psyuk said in English: “Please, help Ukraine, save Mariupol, save Azovstal right now”. A number of Ukrainian musicians the day before called on the Kalush Orchestra to talk about Azovstal in the final of the contest.

The Eurovision rules state that political statements are prohibited within the framework of the contest, but the organizers called Ukraine's appeal a humanitarian, not a political statement. After performing in the first semi-final, Oleg Psyuk thanked for the support of Ukraine.

Ukraine won Eurovision 2022 with 631 points – 192 from the jury and 439 from the audience. This is the country's third victory in the competition. In 2004, Ruslana won with the song “Wild Dances”, and in 2016 – Jamala with the track “1944”.

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