Kalush Orchestra won a record victory: how the Eurovision participating countries voted

 Kalush Orchestra won a record victory: how the countries participating in Eurovision voted

Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra fell in love with the audience from all over Europe and set a record for Eurovision. The highest scores were awarded to them by residents of 28 out of 40 voting countries, and this is an absolute record in the history of the contest. Eurovisionworld.com tells how countries voted.

In total, the performance of the Kalush Orchestra was rated at 631 points. Of these, 439 are the votes of the audience, and 192 are points from the National Jury of different countries. The latter were more reserved in their assessments:

  • 12 points – Poland, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania
  • 10 points – Iceland, France, Germany
  • 8 – Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia
  • 7 – Israel, Cyprus, Australia, Albania
  • 6 – Georgia, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Armenia
  • 5 – Denmark
  • 4 – Czech Republic
  • 3 – Ireland, Norway, Switzerland
  • 2 – San Marino
  • 0 – Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Great Britain, Finland, Spain, Estonia, Bulgaria, Austria, Greece, Malta, North Macedonia, Serbia

 Kalush Orchestra win record victory: how the countries participating in Eurovision voted /></p>
<p>Ukrainians also actively voted for Eurovision participants. The audience gave 12 points to Poland as a sign of gratitude for their tremendous support and assistance</p>
<p>Lithuania received 10 points<br />8 – Iceland<br />6 – Moldova<br />5 – Estonia<br />4 – Finland<br />3 – Netherlands<br />2 – Norway<br />1 – Spain</p>
<p>It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian jury, which included Vadim Lisitsa, Andriy Kapral, Irina Fedyshyn, Andrey Yatskiv, Lukyan Galkin, did not agree with the choice of fellow citizens and did not give the Poles a single ball. They considered the team and Great Britain to be the best performance. Their points were distributed as follows:</p>
<p>12 – Great Britain<br />10 – Portugal<br />8 – Netherlands<br />6 – Switzerland<br />5 – Azerbaijan<br />4 – Sweden <br />3 – Australia<br />2 – Armenia<br />1 – Czech Republic</p>
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Kalush Orchestra won the competition on the night of May 14-15 in Turin. The group entered the stage at number 12. After the performance, the team called in English to help Ukraine, save Mariupol and Azovstal. The team received the most points – 631 (192 from the jury and 439 from the audience). In second place is the United Kingdom (466) and in third is Spain (459 points).

 Kalush Orchestra won a record victory: how the countries-participants of

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