Kardashian-Jenner clan show support for Caitlyn Jenner after new project …

Kardashian-Jenner clan show support for Caitlyn Jenner after new project …

Caitlyn Jenner, an Olympic athlete from the United States, is in the news after a documentary about her life was released on Netflix, a streaming platform.

The documentary, called “Untold Caitlyn Jenner”, shows several important moments in the life of the former athlete. In the synopsis, mention is made of how challenging it turned out to be in the Olympic games but that years later he would live something even greater, referring to the path he traveled to discover who he really was and follow his desire to change his name and gender.

To show her support, her youngest daughter, Kylie Jenner, showed on networks some images of her television room where the young woman is seen watching her father’s documentary.

Another member of the family who has been shown to be watching the documentary film is Kim Kardashian. While Jenner is not his biological father, since he married his mother Kris Jenner, he became a strong father figure to her.

This new film promises to show great moments in the life of the celebrity and many details that were not known until now. With the support of her family and her ex-wife, Caitlyn managed to become the woman she always wanted to be and face a sex change that was controversial around the world, however, she managed to be supported by many fans and celebrities.


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