Karine Ferri and Yoann Gourcuff married for a year: the host passes a new course

Married for over a year to Yoann Gourcuff, Karine Ferri wanted to make their union official in a pretty way and above all very publicly! Friday, December 4, when presenting the EuroMillions on TF1, his fans have certainly noticed a big detail.
Karine Ferri is a discreet woman for all that concerns her private life. However, she decided to proclaim loud and clear her love for the one who has shared her life for ten years now, and whom she married in June 2019 , Yoann Gourcuff .

Indeed, last Friday 5 December, when she presented the EuroMillionson TF1 , for the big jackpot of 200 million euros which was not won, the host was entitled to a much more unusual presentation. She has decided to finally bear the name of her dear and tender and to assume it publicly . Thus, it is not Karine Ferri that the viewers read on the banner when she arrived on the set, but Karine Ferri Gourcuff .

A beautiful proof of love for the father of her two children, Claudia and Maël (2 and 4 years old), as she rarely does! Moreover, during an interview for Télé-Loisirs in October 2019, she made a point of honor to distinguish between her career on the air and her status as a wife. ” I have always separated the professional from the private. When I work, my name is Karine Ferri, and in everyday life, I am Madame Gourcuff “, she confided.

A year later, she finally decided to take the plunge. ” We offered to her on Friday before the shoot and she found it nice “, revealed a relative to our colleagues . This “new name”, she will use it from now on for all her other programs.

Over time, we still notice that Karine Ferri takes care to understand that the former footballer is the preserve. Contacted recently in 12 strokes of noon by Jean-Luc Reichmann , she even confirmed that everything was going for the best in her relationship, to the chagrin of a candidate who had views on her man . ” It’s going really well, we got married a year ago, and it’s going very well, I’m sorry! “, She declared, amused by the situation.

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