Karol about defector artists: Slyly return to their homeland under a selfie

Karol about defector artists: Slyly returning to their homeland under a selfie

The law banning Russian music in Ukraine caused a heated discussion not only in social networks, but and among Ukrainian celebrities. So, speaking about the future prospects for show business, singer Tina Karol expressed the hope that the adoption of the law would help not only to restore order in touring activities, but also resolve the issue with defector artists who had performed in the Russian Federation since 2014, but returned to their homeland in the beginning of a full-scale war. The star announced this on the air of a nationwide telethon.

– Such an adjustment of Russian music will dampen that dust a little, keep the defectors who so slyly return to their homeland under a selfie, the singer noted.

The singer did not name the names of her colleagues, however, the host of the telethon, Natalia Ostrovskaya, noted that most likely, we are talking about the singer Svetlana Loboda. Last week, for the first time since the beginning of a full-scale war, the artist came to Ukraine and visited her hometown of Irpen. Earlier, the performer promised to transfer half of the money from each concert for the needs of Irpen and said that she wanted to build a large kindergarten in it.

On February 28, Loboda recorded a video asking “to stop this horror.” Only in March, the artist for the first time called the war a war and said that Russia had attacked Ukraine. In her native country, the singer opened a volunteer center to help refugees and Ukrainians who suffered in the war. Loboda is banned from entering Russia, where she has built a career in recent years.

What kind of law

The Verkhovna Rada yesterday passed a law banning Russian music in the media and public transport. According to the document, public performance of music performed by a singer or singer who was or is a citizen of Russia is prohibited in Ukraine. With the exception of citizens of Ukraine who were citizens of Russia. In case of violation of this norm, TV and radio organizations undertake to pay a fine to the state budget in the amount of 10% of the license fee. At the same time, the share of songs in the state language on the radio was increased from 35% to 40%.

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