Karol supported the ban on Russian music in Ukraine and explained the prospects for show business

Karol supported the ban on Russian music in Ukraine and explained the prospects for show business

Singer Tina Karol supported the law banning Russian music in Ukraine, which she adopted the day before The Verkhovna Rada. According to the artist, this step will allow Ukraine to be more independent and outline the boundaries as a cultural nation.

– I congratulate the musicians and the Ukrainian people that we are becoming independent step by step. It is very important to keep only our system, which is of interest only to us, – Karol said on the air of a nationwide telethon.

The singer believes that in Ukraine they should put things in order in touring activities. In particular, in world charity concerts, where songs are also performed in Russian.

– I want to take the initiative. We must put things in order in the concert activity, which is called “charity concerts in support of Ukraine, where funds are collected.” I think that these concerts should be called commercial, and in no way can they represent Ukraine. It is necessary to somehow fix this or indicate that Russian songs are played at the concert, the artist represents/does not represent Ukraine. Because the community abroad has a question: “So we don’t understand, do you fight or sing in Russian at your charity concerts?” Karol specified.

The performer noted that this law will provide an opportunity for the development of young artists.

– This will allow developing young people, giving them a chance to sound, because today they have one platform – the Internet. We are also hardening the new history of Ukraine in such a difficult and painful way. But let's write this newest story without rashists. Russia, goodbye,” Karol emphasized.

According to Tina, this law will also help resolve the issue with Ukrainian stars who built their careers in the Russian Federation after 2014, and have been neutral since the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine.


– Such an adjustment of Russian music will dampen that dust a little, hold back the defectors who so slyly return to their homeland under a selfie, – the singer noted.

What kind of law

Prohibition on the use of Russian music in the media and public transport was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on June 19. According to the document, public performance of music performed by a singer or singer who was or is a citizen of Russia is prohibited in Ukraine. With the exception of citizens of Ukraine who were citizens of Russia. In case of violation of this norm, TV and radio organizations undertake to pay a fine to the state budget in the amount of 10% of the license fee. At the same time, the share of songs in the state language on the radio was increased from 35% to 40%.

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