Kate Middleton’s tribute to Lady Di with a Zara jacket (and ‘made in Spain’ mask)

Kate Middleton’s tribute to Lady Di with a Zara jacket (and ‘made in Spain’ mask)

The Duchess of Cambridge begins her journey through Scotland starring in a new style nod to her mother-in-law, Diana of Wales. We go over all the details of her look ‘a la española’.

The passion of Kate Middleton by the brands of our country and, specifically, by Zara, adds a new chapter this Monday thanks to a look that is also a new fashion tribute to Lady Di.

Just days after celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have begun a journey through Scotland that will last until next Thursday to learn about some of the “most serious problems of our time, such as mental health, homelessness or addictions “, as they have explained in their official social networks.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge travel to Scotland and Kate Middleton once again makes a fashionable nod to Lady Di. | Phil Noble / GTRES

For the occasion, Kate Middleton has chosen a very flattering style in cobalt blue, consisting of a pleated skirt that belongs to the Hope brand and a blazer from Zara which premiered just a few weeks ago. The garment in question draws attention both for its structured shoulder pattern and fitted waist as well as for its double-breasted.

However, this is not the only ‘made in Spain’ piece of his style: it is also the face mask -a floral print design in the same shade of blue- has been made in our country, since it belongs to the London firm Amaia, which manufactures all its items in Spain and has become the Duchess’s favorite since it began the pandemic.

Kate Middleton’s floral print mask is from the Amaia Kids brand. | Phil Noble / GTRES

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As accessories, Kate has chosen brown suede shoes by Giavitto Rossi, which help to stylize the silhouette to the maximum, and a matching handbag by Métier, who has already worn it on previous occasions.

Princess Diana, a timeless fashion benchmark

In recent years, both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have shown that what would have been their mother-in-law is also their best inspiration when it comes to dressing. The costume references by both of them to the mother of Prince Harry and Prince William are quite common in their public appearances and the two have inherited some special pieces from her that are part of the history of the British Crown.

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For this reason, we are not surprised that today the Duchess of Cambridge has returned to fix on a look of Lady Di to create your own. Styling is a question is this that Princess Diana wore during a visit to Notthingham in September 1992 and that Kate has reverted, in an identical color, using very similar clothes but adapted to current trends.


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