Katya Osadchaya – about the search for the missing, traitors, family relationships and the future of “Secular Life”

Katya Osadchaya – on the search for the missing, traitors, family relationships and the future of

For some reason, I remember well how Katya Osadchaya published a photo taken the day before the war.

“We spent the evening of the 23rd at work, filming stories for Secular Life, which were not destined to go on the air. The last peaceful photo. I will never forget this evening, when we, full of plans, because we had to get up early in the morning, hurried home. In the morning we got up really early, but not on scheduled business … In the queue at the gas station on the morning of the 24th, I found earrings from the shooting in my pocket, and an eternity separated me from this evening, ”she wrote.

With the presenter channel 1 + 1, we talked about our pain, about the search for disappeared Ukrainians after Russia's invasion of our country, about traitor artists, current and future life after our Victory.

It is impossible to watch how children suffer without tears

– Katya, all these painful stories going through you, your project “Know Your Own”… Can you still cry? Because it seems that we no longer have tears left, seeing all the atrocities of the Russians.

– During this time, for more than three months, we all experienced different sensations – from shock to some partial understanding of the situation. Probably, most of us still cannot believe that we live in a war, that we can be so cynically told that we are being freed from someone.

The first month I didn’t cry at all, I had some kind of heightened sense of responsibility for everyone, that I needed to hold on and help. I didn't feel sorry for myself at all. But when we started making inclusions in “Breakfast with 1 + 1” and I saw the eyes of our heroes, heard their stories live, rivers of tears broke through. After all, before going on the air, we mostly communicated online.

One of the inclusions was with Lydia Nikolaevna Gorbunova from Mariupol. When a full-scale war began, she refused to leave, because she could not take her husband paralyzed after a stroke. A rocket hit their house. He died – he was rolled over by a wall. She fell several floors down. It was impossible to hold back the tears here. Her relatives found her, she left Mariupol, but was left without a husband. Lidia Nikolaevna told how she screamed from under the rubble, what horrors happened, how she was shelled twice – first in her own house, then in the Drama Theater in Mariupol. She thanks God that she is still alive. But there is an awareness of absolute injustice in me – for what?

It is impossible to watch without tears how children suffer – when they are left without parents, when their limbs are torn off … I was in Okhmatdyt, and for me all doctors are absolute heroes in this war.

Our children lived their normal children's lives with their little children's problems. And then came the big trouble. They were left without a home, without parents, with crippled health. And that brings the most tears. Their life is just beginning, and it is already spoiled, already destroyed. They certainly did not deserve to have such horrors happen to them. After all, their peers in other countries have a happy childhood. With more toys or less, with different schools, but still they have a childhood. Our children don't! Sometimes it's hard to even realize it.

– With what history did the Poshuk Zniklikh telegram channel begin, which has now become a large-scale project Know Your Own? Whose story hit your heart so hard that you started looking for people?

– Children and adults began to get lost literally in the first days of the war, when everyone in chaos and panic began to evacuate, when they began to occupy the Chernihiv region, when it was hot in the Kiev region. I began to receive a large number of messages that children were found somewhere, lost somewhere, and I realized that there would probably be a lot of such messages. For if there were so many messages only in the first days of a full-scale invasion, then there will be many such cases, stories – and you need help, search, and not only through Instagram.

The story of a boy, which I learned about literally in the first days of the war, prompted me to create a telegram channel. I was asked to publish it. The boy got lost, sitting in the gym, if I'm not mistaken, in Khmelnitsky. I looked into his eyes and realized that this story would be lost in this huge current of information. And it should be central. And the decision came by itself – to create a telegram channel where such messages will be collected. At first we started to collect and search for information about children, but we saw that too many adults disappear, they do not get in touch. And people asked for help. Therefore, we immediately decided to create a telegram channel to search for all the missing people in order to help a large number of people.

When this idea came to me, I contacted my very close friend, we met through volunteering in a military hospital in 2014 year. And she immediately told me: “Yes, of course we do!”. An hour later we started our project, volunteers joined us, most of the editorial staff of Svetskaya Zhizn.

Through our interview, I also appeal to everyone who wants to join our team – join. Please join our team, everyone is absolutely welcome, we have a very friendly and cool team.

Now the project is constantly scaling up: we are supported by the state – the National Police and the National Information Bureau under the Ministry for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories help us search for missing people more efficiently. There are already more than 80 thousand subscribers on the Poshuk Zniklikh telegram channel. Every day in “Snidanok z 1 + 1” there is a section where you can see the stories of missing Ukrainians, we launched Instagram and are now working on launching the site.

Katya Osadchaya – on the search for the missing, traitors, family relationships and the future of Social Life

At first, the TV presenter and the team began to look for children, but they immediately realized that a lot of adults are lost, people do not get in touch, and they began to search for all the missing Ukrainians. Photo: Instagram.com/kosadcha

We must know the traitors among our own

– These days you are in Kyiv, at home. I watched a video where you show how the tulips that you planted bloom. What are the feelings? Is the house intact?

– We left the house on the morning of February 24, because we live not far from the military unit. And when we left the house, I looked at him and thought: we may never come back here (crying). But the main thing is to stay alive.

And when she returned, everything is as we left it. Yura returned much earlier, cleaned up. Absolutely all domestic flowers that no one watered survived. And this was probably the greatest surprise for us – how, in spite of everything, they steadfastly held on.

The feeling of being at home is absolutely incomparable. This is native, yours. Our house is intact. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. Therefore, on the one hand, it is such an inner aching joy that you have somewhere to go, on the other hand, you immediately imagine how thousands of people cannot return home, how they collect the wreckage of their houses.

And if you imagine that Russians lived in the house … It’s generally difficult for me to realize this. When we left, I thought: let nothing be better than orcs living, sleeping on our beds, enjoying our lives.

– You said that you turned to Ukrainian artists who are silent about the bullying of our country. And even talked in person. Who was it?

– Contacted many times both through Instagram and in private messages. More than three months have passed since the war began. Three months these people are just silent! I really think that people with Ukrainian passports should be deprived of their Ukrainian citizenship for such silence. If public people are silent about the fact that Russia has unleashed a war in Ukraine and is killing Ukrainians, this means that they support the Russian regime. That is, these people support the war. That is, they are not Ukrainians, they are unworthy of being Ukrainians.

I corresponded with Regina Todorenko. She didn't write anything, why is she silent. I understand that she has her own reasons why. The fact that she is pregnant is a rather weak argument when your people are being killed.

I completely unfollowed everyone. Probably two months ago I stopped writing to them. It is not worth remembering traitors, writing, invoking – everything is already clear.

Taisiya Povaliy is generally in the forefront. I did not write to her, because writing to a person speaking in the Kremlin on May 9 is generally pointless. This is betrayal of the highest quality. I can’t even imagine what goes through the mind of a person doing this?! This is a crime against its own people – at the level of crimes committed by Russia. Not to support your people, not to be with them – this, in fact, means that you have made a choice and do not want to be a citizen of your country. All. Hand over your passports!

– By the way, where do such people belong after our Victory?

– It's hard for me to even understand how people can do this. I thought about it a lot, thought about what could be the reasons for such behavior. Career in Russia, in Ukraine – war, nowhere to return? Are they silent because they think that Russia will seize Ukraine and they will return to Ukraine as stars?

Maybe this is at the level of rumors, but Philip Kirkorov advised Ani Lorak to remain silent, they say, they will sort out their war there, but you have a career! I think everything will become clear after our Victory.

– When did you realize that it was useless to get through to the Russians? What became the point of no return?

– Time helped, there was no point. Probably, when a month of the war passed, it became clear that no one would go anywhere, no one would overthrow the regime. And, to be honest, when more than three months of the war had already passed, I made a conclusion for myself: we should stop looking in their direction, forget the names of some Russian stars, don’t remember their names, don’t look back, generally forget forever, who they are.

Any ignorance, their oblivion – this will be our retribution. After all, what is the worst thing for a star? Oblivion! Therefore, they should simply be forgotten on the territory of Ukraine.

As for people with a Ukrainian passport, now in our interview I remember them for the last time. Let this remain a reminder that we must know the traitors among our own.

Katya Osadchaya – on the search for the missing, traitors, family relationships and the future of Social Life

“Our children are just beginning to live, and their lives are already spoiled, already destroyed. They definitely didn’t deserve such horrors to happen in their lives, ”Katya says with tears. Photo: Instagram.com/kosadcha

When you have two small children, you must hold on against all odds

“Now we all understand more than ever that we don’t need to postpone our lives for later, we need to live here and now in spite of everything. What are you doing for yourself and your family here and now?

– When there are children, especially when there are two of them, you must hold on against all odds. Thank God, we managed to leave before Ivan got scared of the explosions. Danil does not understand anything at all, he is growing himself, enjoying every day.

It is the children who give them the strength to give them what the war is trying to take away from them – their childhood: arrange for them such a world where there is no war, pain, hide tears from them.

Remember the Italian film “Life is Beautiful”, where father and son end up in a concentration camp during World War II? So that the baby is not afraid, dad explains to him: everything that happens around is a game, the prize in which will be a real tank. I want to rewatch it, but I understand that it will be even more painful.

Therefore, we must learn to create a carefree world for and for children. And it is the children who force us not to postpone life until later. For children will have no other childhood. They now have a need to be happy, to play, to play with their peers, to get to know each other.

If it weren't for the children, I probably wouldn't be able to do most of what I do. Playgrounds, games, walks, drawing – this is very distracting. Children live here and now, and we need to live with them here and now, learn this under any circumstances.

– How did the war affect your relationship with Yura? I ask because everyone emotionally experiences this period differently, and anxiety affects relationships.

– Together with the first explosion under our windows on February 24 at 5.30 in the morning, we united in the decision that we need to keep the kids safe as soon as possible. Of course, we all experienced it differently, everyone had a different emotional state, and we, like most families, were on our phones in the first weeks. We watched the news, woke up at night, there was some kind of numbness. All of us, apparently, have turned into such pointed bundles of nerves.

The first weeks we did not even discuss what to do. We just understood that we need to try to make sure that the children are safe, this has become our common family front. Without even agreeing, they did some things, complementing each other.

The war united us even more, rallied and showed that only together we can do more. When one stands behind the other, this is the most important thing. No wonder they say – both in trouble and in joy.

– What do you do so that your sons do not forget that they have a childhood?

– Danil already has three teeth during these three months of the war (smiles). He began to sit and crawl. When the war began, he was 6 months old, and it was necessary to introduce the first complementary foods. All this was not as easy as in peacetime.

We play with children, come up with some games, draw with Ivan the roads along which cars drive, draw planes. Ivan is fond of airplanes. By the way, he really liked paper planes. In civilian life, this was a standard phenomenon, but here I had to invent something from improvised means. And we made airplanes out of paper, he launched them and was madly happy. Then we painted them. Thank God, Ivan does not remember the horror of planes and explosions, so he is not afraid of them.

Danil is already on his feet. They have a very close friendship with Ivan. Danil is very bored when we go for a walk without him for a long time.

I also remembered a million different old games. For example, “Battleship” – everything that we played in childhood, when there was not such a variety of toys as children have now. They drew “classics” on the pavement, jumped. Children have completely different games now, but today we all have a fantasy.

Katya Osadchaya – about the search for the missing, traitors, family relationships and the future of

Osadchaya admits that their war with her husband Yuri Gorbunov united them even more. Photo: Instagram.com/gorbunovyuriy/

The topic of adoption cannot be treated infantile

– Danil is still quite small, but Ivan is 5 years old. He asks why is he not at home?

– Ivan is madly wanting to go home. And every time he asks why we can't go home. They said that the airports are closed and we have no way to return.

They explained that rockets fly at home, and this is not safe. He does not ask, he probably has some kind of his own picture why he is not at home with his friends. So far, I took the story with the missiles quite calmly. But he asks to go home every day.

– You and Yura have already said that you are thinking about adoption, talking about it. This is, of course, a very difficult topic. Which one of you was the first to talk about it?

– When I started looking for children and searching for the missing, and when it became clear that a lot of children were left without parents, we somehow thought about it at the same time. And Yura was probably the first to voice it. This topic became close to me, a lot of people asked me how to adopt a child during the war, how to help. I started to understand. As you know, during the war, adoption is impossible.

But this topic is very complex, and it should not be treated infantile, guided only by inner desire. Need to know more about it. There are entire schools of foster parenting, there are many psychologists working on this topic. Especially – with regard to children left without parents during the hostilities, children who know how their parents died. This should be taken super-responsibly.

And in peacetime, without war, children were returned to orphanages. We know many such cases. And now, when children are already so wounded by this war, it is terrible to return a child to an orphanage again. Therefore, I urge everyone to treat adoption very responsibly.

Yura and I are talking about adoption, but before that we will definitely go through all the necessary stages with psychologists, we will study everything from and to.

< p>– While adoption is not possible, you can temporarily shelter a child during the war. How to do it? Is there such a function through your telegram channel?

– Not through our telegram channel. There is a state telegram channel “Child is not herself”. There is a chatbot that you can fill out. In the first month of the war, this chatbot received more than 6,000 applications from those who wanted to shelter a child during the war. Submit an application and your application will be considered.

Katya Osadchaya – on the search for the missing, traitors, family relationships and the future of Social Life

With my youngest son Danil. According to the TV presenter, during these three months of the war he had already begun to sit and crawl. Photo: Instagram.com/kosadcha

“Secular life” after the war is life with new heroes

– Lesya Nikityuk somehow launched a #beautifulforZSU flash mob on Instagram so that our men would see us beautiful and protect us even better. We are used to living without makeup. For example, when was the last time you did your makeup, hair?

– We held a charity auction and a charity evening at the Cannes Film Festival to draw attention to the war, to Ukrainian filmmakers who are fighting, and there I put on a dress, put on makeup, did my hair. It was the first time in three months. It was very unusual.

– May 10 marked the 17th anniversary of “Secular Life”. How do you see social life after the war?

– Social life after the war is life with new heroes. In general, our life will no longer be the same as it was. Never! We believe it will get better. But not the same as before. Also, Social Life will be different.

Now every Ukrainian is a hero in his place. Those who left the hot spots, spent weeks, months in bomb shelters, mothers who took out children under bullets, mothers who took out children not under bullets, but who now have to tell children why they cannot return … Moms, dads, doctors, our defenders and defenders, volunteers – they are all heroes. Therefore, “Secular Life” after the war, I am sure, will be about the heroes who fought for our Victory, believed, did not give up, who are real Ukrainians.

– What will our Victory Day be like for you?< /strong>

– I can imagine how many people will be on the streets of Ukrainian cities – military, civilian, children – smiling, joyful. But with sadness in his eyes. For the Victory was given to us at a great cost, with the blood of a large number of people.

 Katya Osadchaya – on the search for the missing, traitors, family relationships and the future of

For the first time in three months of the war, Katya put on a dress and made up, being the host of the StandWihtUkraine charity evening as part of the Cannes Film Festival in France. Photo: Instagram.com/kosadcha

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