Kelvin Goertzen wants to complicate bail for knife attackers

Kelvin Goertzen wants to complicate the release on bail of knife attackers

Manitoba Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen describes his proposed change as being in the interest of public safety.

Manitoba Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen wrote to his federal counterpart Thursday asking him to amend the Criminal Code of Canada. He wants to make it more difficult to release on bail people who commit violent crimes with a knife. bladed weapon.

The Winnipeg police have also reinforced their presence at The Forks after a series of random attacks involving this type of weapon.

Too often, people who use knives as weapons have a history of violence. And sometimes they are on bail pending trial for other alleged violent crimes, Mr. Geortzen said in a statement.

Under Section 515( 6) of the Criminal Code, the granting of bail is more difficult if a person is charged with an offense involving a firearm. The minister wants to extend this provision to offenses involving a knife.

He says the federal government is responsible for setting bail standards that judges use to make their decisions.

Kelvin Geortzen's statement describes the proposed change as important in the interest of public safety, given the prevalence of violent crimes committed with knives, both in Manitoba and in Canada.

The province will be making further Criminal Code suggestions in the coming weeks, according to Goertzen.

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