Kentucky flood death toll rises to 16, could double

Kentucky flood toll rises to 16 and could double

People rescued after Kentucky River flood in Jackson

The death toll from the devastating Kentucky floods has risen to 16 and is expected to double again, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said on Friday.

The toll, which was previously of eight dead, will also include children, added the elected Democrat.

All emergency services, including the National Guard, the police and reinforcements from neighboring states, are mobilized to help the victims of the worst floods ever experienced by Kentucky, he said.

Aerial view of homes submerged under floodwaters of the Kentucky River in Jackson

Rain Torrential storms slammed into the east of this rural state overnight Wednesday-Thursday, turning some roads into rivers and forcing residents to take shelter on the roofs of their homes while waiting for help.

Some 50 air rescues and hundreds of boat rescues have already taken place, according to Beshear.

“ But there is so much water, the currents are so strong that we can't reach everyone. »

— Andy Beshear, Governor of Kentucky

The elected Democrat hopes to see the federal government declare, during the day, a situation of natural disaster.

Precipitation is expected to continue through Friday evening, and the flood alert has been maintained.

With global warming caused by human activities, the atmosphere contains more water vapour, increasing the chances of heavy rainfall events, scientists say. These rains, combined with other factors related in particular to land use planning, favor flooding.

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