Kenya: Electoral Commission declares William Ruto winner of presidential election

Kenya: Electoral Commission declares William Ruto winner of presidential election

William Ruto is the first member of the Kalenjin ethnic group elected president in 20 years.

Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Kenya (IEBC) on Monday declared William Ruto the winner of the presidential election against Raila Odinga. This announcement took place after six days of waiting and the surprise rejection of the results by part of this independent body.

Wafula Chebukati announced that incumbent Vice President William Ruto had amassed more than 7.17 million votes, or 50.49% of the votes (compared to 6.94 million, or 48.85%, for Mr. Odinga), winning the x27;one of the tightest elections in the country's history.

William Samoei Ruto becomes Kenya's fifth president, succeeding Uhuru Kenyatta who, after serving two terms since 2013 , had no right to run for a third.

Mr Ruto edged Mr Odinga by 233,211 votes after a generally peaceful campaign and poll, followed by an interminable six-day wait that strained the patience of voters. Kenyans.

Mr. Ruto becomes the first member of the Kalenjin ethnic group to be elected president in twenty years, succeeding two presidents from the Kikuyu community.

At 55, the ambitious Ruto has campaigned hard in recent years as he was sidelined by an unexpected alliance between Kenyatta and Odinga, working to polish his sulphurous reputation.

< p class="e-p">This child of a modest family in the Rift Valley who became one of the first fortunes of the country likes to recall his story of self-made-man who started from nothing and ;is proclaimed spokesperson for the resourceful, the common people, in the face of the power of the political dynasties embodied by Kenyatta and Odinga.

By midday, the Electoral Commission's national counting center, on which the eyes of the whole country are riveted, had filled with party representatives, observers and diplomats, who awaited the announcement. for several hours, entertained by choirs, under heavy police surveillance.

A few minutes before this announcement, four of the seven commissioners of the IEBC held a press conference in a Hôtel de la Capitale to announce that they were rejecting these results.

Due to the opaque nature of the process […] we cannot take responsibility for the results that will be announced, said IEBC Vice President Juliana Cherera surrounded by three other commissioners.

She appealed to Kenyans for calm.

The 2022 election was peaceful, but marked by a sharply declining turnout: around 65% of s 22.1 million voters turned out to vote on Tuesday, up from 78% in the last poll in 2017.

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