Killed by police in Chicago: Adam, 13, had his hands up | VIDEO

Killed by police in Chicago: Adam, 13, had his hands up | VIDEO

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April 16, 2021

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High tension in the United States, especially in two cities. In Chicago, a video was released showing Adam Toledo, 13, with his hands up before being killed by a policeman. In Minneapolis, where the trial for the death of George Floyd is held, the agent who killed an African American on Sunday is released on bail. Our Nadia Toffa told us about the violence of the American police and racial tensions in the report you see above

High tension, marches and new controversies in the United States for new police violence and killings involving African American or Hispanic people, a topic we also talked to you about with Nadia Toffa in the May 2017 report you see above.

The latest case concerns a Hispanic boy, Adam Toledo, killed at 13 last March 29 a Chicago by an agent. A video, just released and taken by the body cam, the camera that US policemen must carry on them, shows the little boy unarmed and with raised hands as you can see from the photo.

After the release of the images, tension in Chicago in particular is skyrocketing. There sindaca Lori Lightfoot, took to the streets with the Latin community talking about “atrocious and heartbreaking” images. The video shows the agent chasing Adam Toledo down an alley: he orders him to stop and throw down the weapon he would be holding. When he raises his hands, the boy is hit by the fatal blow to the chest. In the frame we see that the boy had nothing in his hand.

At first the police claimed he was armed. According to CNN, the version is that his gun was later found a few meters from the boy’s body, which you see below in a photo. With that he would start just before the shots in the air, perhaps even for fun, the inhabitants of the neighborhood had called the police for this. Officer Eric Stillman, 34, who shot the gun, was suspended.

It was instead released also today in Minneapolis, after the payment of a deposit of 100 thousand dollars, police officer Kim Potter who killed last Sunday, believing he was using the taser and not the gun, Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old African American stopped for a traffic offense.

All this while the George Floyd murder trial, the African American killed on May 25, 2020 during an arrest. A drama that unleashed a very strong wave of indignation and protests in the United States and around the world. Starting with the video in which he pleaded, held on one knee by a policeman during an arrest: “I can’t breathe”, “I can not breath”.

Our Nadia toffa, as you see above, had brought us in the United States in May 2017 to help us understand the level of racial tension, especially within the police, in the report you see above. In America, where a thousand people are killed by agents every year, an African American is twice as likely to die like this and 89 out of 100 people have at least one weapon.

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